Kojote Power Partners


Producer’s Challenge:

•Providing adequate and reliable electric power for remote well sites. 

•Many shale basins are power constrained (Permian, Bakken, DJ, etc…) 

•Power is expensive if and when you can get it 

•Wells are requiring greater power for larger Artificial lifts and ESP’s 

The Current Solution:

•Producer invests its own capital to build distribution and interconnect to the nearest grid 

•Producer may have to contribute system to co-op in exchange for (illiquid) shares of 

co-op capital 

•Depending on location, grid power may or may not yet be available 

•Cost of grid power likely also high 

The Better Solution:

Kojote Turn-key Power Solutions – On-Site construction and operation of power generation and distribution for producer’s leasehold 

•No upfront or ongoing capital costs, producer pays a monthly electric bill and provides lease gas to toll through the generation facility 

•Kojote provides reliable and consistent power for up to 20 years on a turnkey basis 

•Kojote handles all aspects of permitting, siting, and building the power generation system, including;  

•Design, engineering and construction of the power generation plant and distribution facilities; 

•Obtaining any necessary environmental permits or approvals; 

•Acquire any needed right-of-way for distribution system construction; 

•Operations, maintenance and repair of the power generation or distribution plant 

•Balancing generation and load on a real-time basis  

What Do Our Solutions Offer?

Greater Producer Control – The system is customized to the Producer’s specific power needs and delivery. 

Scalability - Power system is modular and capable of growing to changing lease development needs. 

Reliability – On-site generation, built-in contingency through redundant capacity and greater voltage stability. 

Availability – Well development no longer constrained .  

Reduced cost – Price per kW-hr is less than traditional rural utility sources. 

Numerous Dropdowns – Can layer-in renewable/alternative power supply solutions including wind, solar and battery. 

Fuel Gas- Use field gas to “toll” through power plant to generate electricity and reduce flaring requirements.   

What Do We Provide Them?

  Turnkey installed power generation at no capital cost to the Producer.

      •Power requirement studies – Tailored to Producer’s development plans 

      •Permitting – Obtain all required environmental permits and approvals 

      •ROW Acquisition – Class A compliant, to Producer’s needs 

      •Design – Class A compliant, to Producer’s needs 

      •Infrastructure – Project Management and EPC Construction 

      •Generation – Design, Engineering, Installation and Operation 

      •Operation and Maintenance – Entire electric generation and distribution system 

      •Balancing and Compliance – better voltage and frequency control, reduced ESP failure